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Sworn to the Dark

Since its an inferno and I can’t sleep, of course I’m shopping for clothes for my new job (every office I’ve worked in for the last 5+ years has been casual - this one is decidedly not). I’m going for early 60s secretary, but I’ve got tattoos to hide, so I’ll likely pair shorter sleeves with a cardigan.

That said, which dress do we like better? Keeping in mind I’m a 5’9” blonde with fair skin. I’ll probably end up getting both, but feedback helps anyway!

1 year ago

  1. scifitwin said: Get both. They are fantastic. Have you tried shopping at Ruche? They have great clothes though, whenever I buy dresses for my wife they look much shorter on her than the models, despite the correct measurements.
  2. gaspundkiss said: They’re both lovely! I guess the black one will be easier to pair with stuff?
  3. coturno said: I really liked the black one :D
  4. defamiliars said: The second one!
  5. toodumbforphotoshop said: Polka dots.
  6. lightthiscandle said: DECISIONS ARE HARD. But I like #1 a little more than #2.
  7. senior-crown said: I like black. If it’s hot out, you don’t want to wear a cardigan with long sleeves.
  8. syd-squiddiles said: First one would look stately on you, and especially gives that 60’s secretary look. Not to mention it’s just uber cute in general. The second one looks much more casual.
  9. spookyalyssaann said: I am going to say the red due to fair skin. Both are pretty awesome though.
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